Why choose p2data

We are a team of technically qualified people with over 20 years of experience in the European transport and retail industry. Our speciality is the analysis of data concerning the movement of people in public spaces, whether in public transport vehicles, station environments or retail spaces such as shopping centres or malls.

We have extensive hardware expertise and are familiar with all the challenges associated with counting people in the real world and how to overcome these issues with the appropriate technology. Being independent of any particular technology, we are able to design the right system for you from first principles and with whatever technology is appropriate to your unique circumstances and requirements. Where the exact technology does not exist we have the capability and flexibility to come up with a custom hardware or software solution to meet your needs.

Get your data in shape with p2data and their innovative products and solutions.

But in today’s data management environment it is not enough to propose a hardware and software solution to our customers. We recognise the need for a solution that integrates the measured data into existing systems using sophisticated software tools, so our proposals always answer the question “How will I use this measured data in my overall data strategy so that this data is seamless with other measurements I wish to analyse the data against”. Thus we recognise that stand-alone reports are becoming a thing of the past and propose fully integrated data solutions where required.